The case of the mysterious and terrible murder near Moscowfamilies

This story of an inexplicable, creepy and still not unraveled
убийстве неблагополучной подмосковной families рассказал бывший
investigator personally involved in this case. Presented 3
photos taken by his grandson show some of the places
where the events below occurred.

It happened back in 1991. Alarm call entered
Russian law enforcement officers from a very unpleasant house where they lived
alcoholics, drug addicts, beggars and other people from a social bottom. how
It is not hard to guess that someone was constantly robbed, raped and
they were killed, so the police have become accustomed to often visit it.
a place. The не менее, произошедшее в тот раз разительно выделялось
against the background of other local crimes.

Terrible murder in the apartment

In one of the apartments they found a dead family consisting of
single mother, as well as her 7-year-old daughter and one-year-old boy.
More precisely, at first they believed that the boy was also killed. Neighbor-old woman
who made this terrible discovery and almost got a hearty
attack, told the guardians of the law that the woman was drunk and
all the time led to her dubious men. Girl was
actually homeless, in kindergarten and school never went.
how в таких условиях выживал младенец, было настоящей загадкой.

The door of the apartment was ajar, so that the curious
neighbor and found the mutilated body inside. The tenants died not
less than 2 days ago. At first glance, it looked like murder.
on domestic soil, though with excessive cruelty. On the corpses of the mother and
her daughter had many stab wounds, but the expert immediately
determined that the unfortunate knife was beaten after death.

The woman was killed in the kitchen, there were many signs of struggle around. On
the table was a bottle of expensive vodka and various already rotting
delicacies that did not really fit into the surroundings.
The girl was killed in a dream in her bed. As for the baby, his
nowhere to be found. The existence of the infant is confirmed only
with the words of neighbors and the presence of an old baby cot in the apartment.
And pregnant women have never seen.

Mysterious woman visitor

The refrigerator was bursting with expensive food and imported alcohol,
and in the freezer was hidden impressive by the standards of those
times cash. Where could all this come from so poor
families? Naturally, the investigator immediately linked the two murders and
abduction of the alleged baby with the presence of this in the apartment
luxury and large amount of money.

A survey of other residents of the porch made it possible to clarify a few
interesting details. The murdered citizen was in fact very
popular among men and almost always kept her door open
for them. At the same time, in the last few days, she was frequently visited by her.
strange individual: bald, of uncertain age, dressed with
needles. Naturally, such people were very rare guests in
similar places. Anyone who managed to spill over with a stranger
a couple of words, argued that the man had a very strange manner of speech.
He spoke pretentiously, old-fashioned, but very politely – even with
the most notorious drunkards and dirty homeless, never
emphasizing their superiority over them.

Fingerprint examination and thorough search of the apartment is not
showed nothing. But the medical examiner, when he took up the bodies, was
amazed at their condition. All bones, except the skulls and cervical vertebrae,
turned out to be as if crushed by a multitude of blows, although
physically impossible to perform. A version has been put forward to use
concentrated hydrofluoric acid, but it was quickly thrown away. For
the beginning of the acid needed to eat up all the other tissues in order to
get to the bones, and here outside there were no burns and even
there were no bruises – only many knife wounds.

New round of sinister business

Soon he received an unexpected call from one of the neighbors of the dead.
He told the police that he had seen the same man go to
the territory of the nearby old boiler room. The investigator immediately took
two operatives and went there. All doors at the entrance to the boiler room
actually turned out to be open. Inside was found the staff of all of
two women. They were noticeably nervous and generally did not behave too much.
adequately, as if they were frightened by the appearance of the police. On все вопросы
workers caricature denied, and it became extremely obvious that
they are lying.

Among the damp and rust in the unused part of the building
found a clear shirt, thrown by someone in the interweaving
pipes. They called for help, searched the entire building and the surrounding area,
but found nothing. Employees of the boiler room for a long time dragged by the police,
they seriously checked, however, to pull something out of them
succeeded. So the matter has stalled for some time, because
Militiamen had no place to dig.

Обнаружение младенца из убитой families

And then, about a month later, the same pensioner who discovered
the corpses, suddenly called the police and said that because of the door
sealed apartment, where the murders occurred, heard a baby crying.
Here is this is where the investigator and his assistants are fully
felt all the surrealism of what is happening.

The apartment was opened, and in the crib they actually discovered
baby But he did not have both eyes. Blood marks nowhere
It did not appear, and it became clear that the boy’s eyeballs had been removed.
surgically. Any other damage or pathology in
there was no child. The further fate of his predict is easy:
uncommon placed in a children’s hospital, then sent to the house

The point is still left unsolved. The investigation suggests that
a child from a drinking woman bought illegal organ traffickers. The
However, a lot of unresolved issues remain. Yes, and whether
found in this case at least some answers?

Who was the well-dressed man who attended the alcoholic? Why
the alleged perpetrators killed the woman and her daughter? For what purpose
did they need to hurt the bodies? Why and how were the bones crushed
corpses? For some reason, a large amount was left in the apartment
of money? What is the role of the boiler room and its employees in this story?
Where did the baby come from the deceased if no one saw her
pregnant? How and why the attackers returned the baby without eyes in
sealed apartment? ..

No wonder they say that reality is often stranger and
more fantastic than any fiction. Someone decides that this nightmarish
the story smacks of pure mysticism. And someone, perhaps,
take advantage of the logic and try to explain these events with
rational point of view, tying all the details together. Unfortunately,
our law enforcement officers in the 90s failed to do this. Probably
because this business was not like one already once
perfect and open …

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