The catastrophe of the Titanic was designed tothe creation of the Fed?

Talk about another possible crime
the powerful of this world who staged a massacre in Las Vegas on October 1
2017, very similar to the tragedy played out in New York 11
September 2001, as conspiracy theorists shook out and other dirty
linen of modern political adventures.

By the way, the political motives of such “terrorist attacks”, planned and
realized by the powerful, have always had only one goal
far from political, – money, enrichment, for the sake of which not that
that hundreds or thousands of innocent people, millions of earthlings
condemned to death.

This is well illustrated by the example of the long-standing largest
the crimes of the world that sadly awakens to human society
still. A terrible tragedy well planned by the richest
people of that time, in particular the Rothschilds, knows, probably
Each is a catastrophe of the famous Titanic.

Why and who needed it? And everything is very simple: on the “Titanic”
(its luxury, the prestige of the cruise and, most importantly, the unsinkability
the ship itself) lured the richest and most influential financiers
of the time of Benjamin Guggenheim, John Jacob Astor and Isador
Strauss who were opposed to the creation of the Federal Reserve
US systems, moreover, they opposed unleashing the world
wars in Europe. The Fed really needed Rockefeller and Morgan, and the war
in Europe – Rothschild, whose wealth is based on control
precisely European countries.

The Rothschild-Rockefeller-Morgan cartel did its best to
persuade opponents of their evil plans to go to this
�“Golden cruise”, from which none of them returned alive. After
the tragedy of the Titanic, in which thousands died in no way
six months have passed – and the Federal Reserve
The US system, and after another six months – the terrible First World War began
war in which the slain innocent souls were already counted
millions of …

It will be decades, and the whole truth about today’s terrorist attacks,
tripled by the world’s main terrorists (the richest people of ours
poor society) will also be disclosed, although
why destroyed the shopping center in New York on September 11, 2001,
almost no secret to anyone. However, under the veil of mystery still
many crimes of the powerful of the world of which, including the bloody
events in Las Vegas on October 1 of this year …

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