The child who literally pulledaliens and ufo

About 60 percent of the inhabitants of Earth do not believe in UFOs and
aliens (or even know nothing about it), and about 90
percent never encountered this phenomenon. But there are people
who literally attract representatives of other worlds to themselves.
It is about such a person that the famous ufological story tells today.
MUFON website from USA.

Our hero is an American who talks about his first, even
childhood memories when he lived with his parents on a small farm
the village of Paris, which is near the city of Kenosha
Wisconsin. It was there that he gained the first experience of colliding with something.
incomprehensible that today is explained by the presence in his life of a UFO and
aliens All this happened in the early nineties of the past.
century, so today’s storyteller, already a solid man,
calls himself a childish conventionally Bill.

Fantastic lights in the sky

Summer evening, about nine o’clock – the most beautiful time for
children’s fun, so all the children of Paris frolicked in the street. Bill
remembers well that nothing unusual was noticed that evening, and
he would hardly have been remembered among hundreds of similar ones, but … suddenly in
the sky began to flash lights, as if from fireworks. But it was not
fireworks: first, fantastic flashes were happening too
high as the stars exploded in the dark sky, secondly,
completely silent, thirdly, there were no noticeable lines of falling
of lights.

A boy the next day asked about his father, he explained that
it was the northern lights. But Bill позднее, уже учась в колледже,
well studied the photo and video of the aurora, they are nothing
had nothing to do with the “mysterious fireworks” that he and his
childhood friends watched that summer evening.

Lost time

Однажды Bill со своим лучшим другом решили сбегать на холм, что
towered not far from their village – the most innocent child
the entertainment they repeated a thousand times. And that time also
they did not notice anything unusual – they went running and went back
home. But дома на Billа в гневе напустился отец: оказалось, что
boys are not many hours, everyone is worried, grandmother buddy
Billа уже несколько раз звонила, тоже беспокоится, где они шляются
so much time?

Bill тогда даже подумал, что отец просто шутит, поскольку их не
It was about 15 minutes, but my father was really angry. Boy
looked at his wristwatch – they showed just about 20
minutes, as the boys went to the hill, what hours can go
speech But when he and his buddy checked with real time (with
hours in the house), we were surprised to find that it was really
In fact, five or six hours – there is something for parents to be upset about. But
where so much time was lost, and how is it possible? ..

Mysterious spherical fireballs

Однажды летом Bill, его брат и соседский мальчишка отправились в
hike with overnight stay. It was not even a real hike, but rather
opportunity to spend the night in tents in the open.
The guys are located very close to the farm, just behind the towers
with grain and old barns.

Проснулся ночью Bill от яркого света. His first guess was
the fact that this neighbor farmer arrived on a tractor and illuminates
tents, probably wondering why they are here? Boy вылез
from his night shelter – and the light immediately disappeared, and on the street
it was so quiet that I could hardly believe that somewhere near
be a tractor or car.

Bill покрутил головой в поисках ответа на мучавший его вопрос,
who were the luminaries, and, finding no explanation, he headed again to
tent And suddenly the light reappeared – it was emitted bright
spherical lights hovering over the tents. The lights were the size
approximately with bowling balls, they shimmered now red, then
yellow, then blue, and flew at the level of the grain towers,
stacked in a triangle, a circle, a square. There were at least five of them.
Утром Bill посчитал, что все это ему приснилось, однако, как
it turned out, and the neighbor boy saw these mysterious spherical
fireballs …

Scary face in the window

Как-то под Butвый год Bill коротал зимний вечер со своим
friends at home, because my parents and brother went to visit.
It was about 10 o’clock in the evening. A friend wrote hard the report that he
задали в школе, а Bill от нечего делать смотрел в окно — как тихо и
snow falls beautifully on the street. For a moment, he was distracted from
of his occupation, because a friend was relieved to announce that he had finished
write this nonsense. And the next moment the boys, without saying a word,
sharply turned their heads to the window – because of the glass looked at them
the creepy face of an alien.

His skin was smooth, as if made of wax, only
light gray. The head is too big for a human, and the eyes are
and at all huge, and completely dark, as if consisting of
single pupil. По виду — типичный «серый», но тогда Bill ничего об
these humanoids did not know, however, immediately realized –

Bill до сих пор помнит, что он не испытал в тот момент страха,
although for some reason I thought the alien was upset because he doesn’t
managed to catch the boy alone in the house. And then buddies, not
speaking up, abruptly jumped up from their chairs – and the newcomer in the window
immediately disappeared.

Only after that the boys really chickened out,
it took at least an hour before they convinced themselves
that this neighbor boys frighten them by wearing a mask
alien. However, when schoolchildren went outside, then with
surprise and horror found that under the window, which looked
the alien, the snow lies completely untouched …

Strange childhood dreams

Еще Bill помнит некоторые свои детские сны, которые, мягко
speaking, were strange, if not more. In these dreams he
again, I came across aliens or their “flying saucers”.
But главное — просыпался мальчик после таких сновидений постоянно за
outside your bed, or even outside your home, for example, on
the road.

The first time he saw a UFO in the form of a saucer, standing near their house.
�The “flying saucer” was very small, no more than two meters per
diameter, which is quite surprised the boy, because he still thought
then, and what should be the driver of this device, with the meter that
whether? Больше из того сна Bill ничего не помнит.

In another dream, he saw again a “gray alien”, the same as
in the window on that mysterious New Year’s Eve night. Then he ended up with
this “gray” in his ship. What happened there, the boy did not remember
but woke up (woke up) on the road not far from home.

Третий сон, который помнит Bill, происходил в его спальне, в
which appeared tall creatures in gray hoods. From them
a strange hum or buzz emanated – the boy is nothing more

И наконец, в четвертом сне Billа словно кто-то позвал, он вышел
out of the house and went to the field, but … the pigs began to grumble, and he woke up
(woke up). Boy на самом деле стоял возле скотного двора, где
with might and main shouting disturbed by something or someone farmer
pigs …

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