The Chinese have experienced a futuristic laserrifle

Chinese craftsmen from the company “ZKZM Laser” conducted tests
futuristic rifle “ZKZM-500” shooting a laser beam.

The video below was published.
representatives of the company in response to doubts of users of the Network in
the effectiveness of such a device. Movie shows how to weapon
burns wood and rubber from a distance of several tens of meters.
According to the developers, the maximum range of the rifle
is about 800 meters. The weight of the “ZKZM-500” is
about the same as that of a Kalashnikov, and the cost is not
exceeds 15 thousand dollars.

The Chinese report that this is a non-lethal weapon, which
will be used for special operations and neutralization
of terrorists. Video tests were conducted in the city.

The rifle is equipped with a lithium-ion battery, full charge
which is enough for about 1000 shots with 2 second
intervals between them. �”ZKZM-500″ works silently, and the laser
The beam is invisible. Using such a device, a soldier can
for example, set fire to enemy fuel tanks, remaining not
seen by opponents, and much more, which is ineffective when
using conventional small arms.

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