The Chinese have received “artificial sun” at sixtimes hotter

Chinese nuclear physicists have made an unprecedented breakthrough, warming up
plasma in a toroidal chamber with magnetic coils to temperature
100 million degrees Celsius.

It is about six times hotter than the core of the Sun, power
while heating exceeded ten megawatts. Many of us for sure
suggest that this is impossible. Say, with similar
temperatures all within a radius of many meters will instantly turn into
ash, or even fall through the red-hot soil to the core
Of the earth.

However, in fact the experimental superconducting tokamak
allows you to keep the plasma in a magnetic “trap”, without giving
it is in contact with the walls of a nuclear reactor. In theory, this
allows you to take away the plasma heat and generate huge amounts

�”Miniature star in the laboratory” – so the Chinese scientists
call their offspring. According to the researchers, they approached
opportunities to create a stable fusion reactor,
allowed to receive almost unlimited and free
energy. It is noteworthy that such technologies once
were developed in the Soviet Union, but were abandoned due to
the collapse of the communist empire …

As you can remember from the school physics course, the collision
two hydrogen nuclei (if we talk in a simplified form) leads to
выбросу огромного количества energy. This process is called
thermonuclear reaction. That is how our Sun and other stars in
The universe produces heat and light. If humanity suddenly succeeds
curb a similar natural process then we will get access to
источнику, грубо говоря, безграничной и бесконечной energy.

Described the successful experiment of the Chinese will be significant
a step towards the construction of the International Pilot
thermonuclear reactor in the south of France, in the creation of which
35 countries are participating, including Russia, China and the United
States The cost of the project is estimated at 20 billion euros, and
The introduction of the international tokamak is scheduled for 2025.

Recall that scientists in many countries of the world work hard not
only over the creation of an “artificial sun”, but also over
obtaining the ability to store energy already received, which is not less
important. So, Swedish physicists have recently developed the so-called
�”Solar thermal fuel” – a special liquid capable
keep solar energy in about two decades with
its minimum losses.

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