The Chinese photographed UFO in the form of gear

Unidentified flying object in the form of a huge dark jagged
wheels photographed 44-year-old entrepreneur John Chen from
Chinese city of Taipei.

A man visited the Kunming mountain lake in Yunnan and
made there a lot of beautiful pictures. Returning home our
the hero showed the resulting pictures to his wife and sister-in-law.
The last one looked through these frames and unexpectedly noticed on one
of which this UFO gear.

Surprised by such a find, the Chinese sent a mysterious
image of the famous British ufologist Philip Mantlu. Specialist
carefully studied the picture and regretfully informed Chen that he could not
define the nature of the “flying donut” as he characterized
captured UFO, however, the photo, he said, is absolutely
genuine. John’s colleagues present with him that day
near the lake, studied their own pictures, but did not find on them
nothing beyond the usual. Maybe the intended
the ship of representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization swept over the reservoir
so swiftly that only Chan succeeded
capture it in the photo?

And the fact that the Chinese UFO has an unusual shape is not so
critical and may well correspond to reality, according to
some ufologists The fact is that in our world lately
Alien apparatuses of increasingly bizarre form appear, which
no one had ever seen or shot, that is, they are not in the collected
database. Perhaps this is due to the fact that
conspiracy therapists, the Earth is being prepared for the new coming of the Gods, who
once visited our planet and promised to return here. Well it is
It would probably be the best solution for earthlings who are mired in
disunity, hatred for each other and incessant wars for
power and money …

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