The Chinese plan to explore the dark sideThe moon

Representatives of the China National Space Administration
made a statement about their next ambitious plan. They
reported that the PRC will soon be the first state to send
исследовательскую станцию на обратную сторону The moon. If this mission
In fact, it will take place and it will be successful, then the Chinese will reach
of what has not been done before by any space power
Of the earth.

In recent years, various countries have launched dozens of missions to
The moon, however, the dark side of the natural satellite of our planet,
constantly turned away from us, remains virtually unexplored,
shrouded in veil of many secrets. According to a number of
authoritative ufologists and conspiracy therapists, on that hemisphere
Selenium, which is impossible to see from Earth, is based
aliens. Many even claim that the reverse image
стороны The moon, якобы полученные НАСА, являются подделкой, поскольку
the probes cannot take pictures of it due to incomprehensible strong

China will begin implementing its plans very soon. Already in this
year local scientists will launch two spacecraft. First of
there will be a rover that will lean on the dark side of Selena, and
the second is an orbital satellite serving for communication of the advanced
moon rover with the Earth. This is how the mission “Chang’e-4”, named after
китайской богини The moon. If everything goes according to plan, then the first unit
will fly to Selene already coming summer.

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