The Chinese space station will collapse soonEarth is very dangerous

When a huge space station loses contact with the earth center
control and begins to fall uncontrollably down life threatening
earthlings, this may seem like a script from some
fantastic movie. However, at the moment we are experiencing
something like that in reality.

The fact is that the huge PRC orbital station called
Tiangong-1, launched into orbit in 2011, after two years is no longer
operated and in theory must be safely destroyed, then
there is a “lowered” earth controlled by the control center, as it is
it was, for example, with the Russian station “Mir”. However in 2016
the terrestrial control center lost control of Tiangong-1, and in the end
in this very year of 2018, specifically in the period from March 29 to March 9
April, the space station of the Middle Kingdom will enter into dense layers
Earth’s atmosphere and begin to fall on its surface.

However, scientists have already calculated that the angle of entry of Tiangong-1 in
the atmosphere will be such that it will not allow a huge orbital
the station is completely burned, and therefore its fragments, moreover, are solid,
collapse on the surface of our planet. Where they will collapse and what will be
the territory of their coverage, no one can calculate. The specialists
European Space Agency reports that they only
can more or less accurately indicate the area where the fragments will land
Tiangong-1, and indeed this data will be very approximate.

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