The circulation of matter in space

To understand what it is – the circulation of matter in space,
Let us examine the more familiar cycle, known to everyone from school
bench, that is, the water cycle in nature.

Schematically it looks like this: water evaporates from the surface (sushi
or reservoir), turning into steam. Steam rises, cools (or
settles to the surface in the form of fogs) and, ultimately,
falls in the form of precipitation or dew, again turning into water, which
flows into the lowlands, restoring, as they say, the status quo in
water balance of the planet. Everything seems simple.

But not everything here, as they say, is glued as expected. By
the idea, how much water has evaporated, so much should and then fall in
sediment, at least so we were taught in school. But in fact, how
scientists read, about 350 billion liters evaporates
year, but falls – about 500 billion liters. That is, the Earth by
the idea should have long ago been flooded with excess moisture, no one knows where

Where this excess moisture comes from is still clear: it turns out that
the Earth’s atmosphere is constantly about 13000000 billion
kilograms of steam. However, if this moisture constantly fell in the form
Of those excess water in the amount of 150 billion liters per year, our
the planet would long ago have lost the necessary for the life of flora and fauna
atmospheric humidity which, however, is like a physical
approximately constant.

Byлучается несовпадение в цифрах, то есть круговорот воды в
nature has serious inaccuracies, presenting us with real
riddles that we were told nothing in the same school.

But we go further and see even more oddities in this.
the whirlwind. For example, Niagara Falls alone drops a year
nearly 180,000 billion liters of water per year that need again
through evaporation (or how?) back. And what about dozens of
thousands of other rivers? Immediately comes to mind: springs, melting snow in
the mountains …

All this is true, but where do the same springs come from? For example, if
visit Venezuela, then you can find a flat plateau (see
video), at the foot of which take the river Amazonia – Essequibo and
Orinoco. But on this plateau there are neither lakes nor snow to maintain
waterfalls, which should feed the above rivers. Where did
Is all this water taken? Who and from where pumps this water up the hill? AND
This is only the only example of a strange metamorphosis (water from
nothing) which is very much in the world – practically riddles on each
step. AND все это объяснить примитивным круговоротом воды в природе
something does not work. Rather, there is a whirlpool, but
only everything and everything does not fit into his scheme …

Here we come to the circulation of matter in space

Еще в 1911 году великий русский ученый В.AND.Вернадский в своем
the report “On the Gas Exchange of the Earth’s Crust”, which he spoke at
The Second Mendeleev Congress, argued that between the Earth and the cosmos
there is a gas exchange. Byзднее, в подтверждении идеи
Vernadsky, scientists of the world will prove that water arises as a result
cosmic synthesis occurring in the bowels of the planet (material on
this is published in the journal Earth and Planetary Science Letters).

By the way, this is confirmed even by rural workers who know
morning (air) and day (underground) dew (writes about this
ученый AND.Е.Овсинский в книге «Новая система земледелия»). Synthesis
water is confirmed by the “ice tsunami”, filmed in 2013 in
Canada and the United States (see photo). AND таких примеров очень много.

Today, scientists already know that the Earth loses part of space
atmosphere and even planetary matter, however all this is more than
recovered from the same cosmos, that is, a certain
the exchange of matter (more precisely, energy), which is directed
to maintain the status quo in the universe. In this way
not only water is restored, but also reserves of, say, oil, gas
and so on. For example, Romashkinskoye oil field in Russia
operated for over 70 years. It was once believed that his
stocks running out. But as it turned out, they are restored
about 2 million tons per year, that is, oil can be
will be mined at least until the year 2200, and even that is very
conditional limit.

Take another example: the first well in the Old fields
Grozny was drilled back in the 19th century, by the middle of the 20th, it was believed that
there are no stocks left here, everything has been pumped out. However, today this
the well has almost completely recovered its reserves of “black gold”.
AND таких примеров много, причем не только по нефти. It all looks like
for some miracle …

However, there is no miracle here, just in the Universe, by a particle
which is our planet, there is a circulation of matter in
space (the name, of course, is very conditional, but it’s easier for
understanding of this process). It is even easier to imagine the Earth in the form
of a living organism that receives everything necessary from space
thereby restoring their own “blood”, lymph, cells, nerves and
everything, everything else … Of course, like all living things, the planet can be killed,
man and does with perseverance madman however do it not
as simple as it seems. Rather, the Earth will lose this burden –
humanity, and then restore intelligent life on its
surface in the new incarnation (in the hope that this time the experiment
will be more successful) …

Byлучается, что все разговоры о том, что запасы углеводородов на
the outcome, and they are about to end, nothing more than propaganda? However not
everything is so simple, here you can say in Russian – both “yes” and “no”
at the same time. To understand how this circulation of matter in
The universe, how are all and all of the seven primary
Substances, one article will not be enough. For example, Russian
The scientist N.V. Levashov dedicated several books to this
find the Internet (who cares).

We in this article want to convey to you only the main idea: everything in
this Universe is restored, however, the synthesis of various substances
far from the same, that’s why thoughtless use
�“Infinite” resources of our planet can lead to the violation of their
balance, which is fraught with serious consequences.

It is fraught just for humanity itself, since the Earth
(if it does not die with us) will restore everything over time, but
can we live in this case until full recovery
vital resources we need, that is the question? ..

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