The comet discovered 136 years ago was a shipaliens?

Estimated comet discovered 136 years ago relatively
famous british amateur astronomer william frederick
Denning might not be a comet at all, moderns say
the researchers. According to them, a scientist who has achieved in his field
significant success without formal scientific training, could become
1881 by an accidental witness of the appearance of an unidentified flying

The Briton himself guessed then: something with this “comet” is not
So. Describing the trajectory of an object in space, an astronomer
argued that he behaves too intelligent for a natural
heavenly body. Unfortunately, in those days, information about UFOs
and aliens were virtually absent, so Denning did not even
suspected that a ship could get into the lens of his telescope
representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization.

In 1881, William wrote:

An ordinary comet just can’t move like that.
therefore, it clearly has a meaningful trajectory. Maybe i something
I do not understand because of the technical scarcity of our time. Remains
just hope that future astronomers will figure out my records and
finally answer what it is.

What is characteristic, the scientists of the present time could not
to do. Of course, they suggested that it was not about
a comet, but about an unidentified flying object, but what exactly
was this object, they can not say. Ufologists meanwhile
suggest that it was an alien spacecraft.

According to Denning’s calculations, the “comet” discovered by him should have already
long back to the sun, but this has not yet happened.
It seems that the UFO just flew away on business …

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