The company Ilona Mask plans to connecthuman brain to computer

American neurotechnological startup “Neuralink”,
founded by an eccentric inventor and businessman Ilon Mask,
received the first major funding of 27 million

The company has invested 12 anonymous investors. Despite
the fact that this was stated by representatives of the Securities and Exchange Commission
the exchanges, the entrepreneur himself reports that his new child is not looking
sponsors, and refuses to comment on the situation.

The Neuralink company, established last year, is engaged in
development of implantable neurocomputer interfaces. Insiders
scientists claim that scientists already implant flexible electrodes into the brains of mice and
birds, connecting them this way to the car. Technology so
called “neurocrushes” allows in theory to treat diseases
central part of the human nervous system. Brain implantation
tiny electrodes will help people who have suffered a stroke, have
pathology of this organ, as well as suffering from brain damage
and other ills. The first such device is planned to run in
production in 4 years.

According to Mask, he also wants to “improve”
human brain, increasing its performance and even developing
telepathy. The famous visionary intends to translate fiction into
life, so that people communicate mentally without using speech, and therefore

Many Internet users immediately think: is it
innovation will not make us vulnerable to artificial intelligence,
whose inventor fears so much? After all, what is working
now “Neuralink”, too much like the creation of the Matrix, in which
people will only brain connected to the virtual

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