The concept of a bicycle without a chain is presented.

Bicycle, despite the desire of some to write it off
�”Yesterday”, does not want to leave the arena of the most popular
types of transport, only acquiring over time more and more perfect
quality. Another novelty of this ageless bike –
the constructive decision eliminating a chain, usual for the bicycle.
This is the unique property of the DrivEn concept, which
presented at the Eurobike 2018 exhibition by CeramicSpeed.

Instead of the usual metal chain of this bike shaft, but
not like a car or a motorcycle, but light and flexible,
made of carbon fiber. On both sides of this shaft
special ceramic bearings and curved
under 90 degrees of teeth, so that he, rotating himself through
pedal rotates the rear wheel of the bike.

Thanks to this design, the developers say, they managed
reduce friction (compared to a conventional chain, even
perfect Shimano Dura Ace) by 49 percent. Friction decreases over
due to the absence in this design of eight points of contact from
chain transmission (the place where the chain passes by an asterisk, cassette,

DrivEn’s unique bike has thirteen speeds and can
demonstrate on a good track truly fantastic
performance, while significantly saving the power of the cyclist. Not
by chance a new invention was immediately awarded the Eurobike Prize
Award, which received the developers of the University of Colorado.

And this, experts say, is just the beginning in the development of all
more perfect chainless bikes.

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