The cook accidentally showed an unusual opticalillusion

An unusual optical illusion is gaining popularity on the Internet.
obtained by chance. American cook recorded video with
Cooking Baked Turkey Thanksgiving. Excerpt
creating an amazing optical illusion, you can see it on a roller
below. Be warned that the effect is quite unexpected, however
quite interesting. By following the simple instructions, you can easily
reach it and demonstrate to others.

So, all you have to do is turn on the submitted
video and focus your gaze on the broth, slowly
stirring in a saucepan. Do not take his eyes off him. AT
a certain moment an image of a raw turkey will appear, and then you
suddenly you see that she is slowly distorted, as if her skin is moving
and collapses. In fact, nothing on the record
naturally not. The fact is that your brain plays with you
fancy joke.

ATы можете сразу перевести взгляд на какую-нибудь другую
a plane like a wall and see how smooth it is
twists in a spiral. The secret is that human eyes
quickly get used to the movement of the broth, and when abruptly appears
static picture, our vision continues to perceive movement and
distorts the image. This phenomenon is called the waterfall effect,
or effect effects. There are a number of optical illusions
based on it.

But with a turkey, say Internet users, snag
It turned out – just a class! ..

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