The creator of the largest video channel about UFO hitin hospital

There are several top-rated channels on YouTube’s video sharing
covering the subject of UFOs and aliens, among them – SecureTeam10. AT
The current creator and editor of this channel is in
serious condition in the hospital.

A tireless researcher of all that concerned aliens,
crashed on a motorcycle, and many users of the channel SecureTeam10
suspect that this is far from accidental. The fact is that the man behind
a few days before the accident told his subscribers that his house
watch the so-called “people in black”, then even a ufologist
marked several suspicious photos on his channel
car, too often appearing at his house. And so –

ATот что пишет по этому поводу другой известный уфолог Жан

People in black are not really people in our understanding,
they can easily create something that does not fit
human logic, and therefore create the conditions for
traffic accident where a particular person
becomes the number one person involved, for them a trifling matter. They, to
For example, you may have certain muscle cramps,
a heart attack when you are driving – and an accident
provided with all the ensuing consequences. therefore
The death of many famous ufologists are so often tragic and always
mysterious …

Not by chance many famous ufologists, for example, the same George
Graham (Streetcap1 channel), never call their true
name and hide even the country in which they live. However for people
in black, it seems easy to find anyone
wicked therefore для исследователей НЛО и пришельцев до сих пор
It also remains a mystery, by what criteria a particular ufologist
suddenly comes under the close attention of these mysterious servants
world elite (if not say more – aliens)? Why they
one allows you to write about aliens and UFOs anything,
others are warned, and others are simply removed …

And finally: maybe in the crash of the creator and editor of the channel
SecureTeam10 is still implicated only Mister case, and all the talk
about people in black no more than persecution mania? ATсе может быть,
Yes, that’s just chance, as claimed by spiritual people, in our
life is not and can not be …

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