The creator of the X-Files series about the latestPentagon revelations by UFO

When Pentagon officials officially began to talk about
UFO and Alien Studies, then The
The New York Times simply could not ignore the creator of the series.
Chris Carter’s X-Files and don’t ask him what he thinks about it

Here, they say, already appeared on the web video with American pilots,
chasing UFOs, as in this case reacts to such news
a person who, through artistic images and paintings, has long been
tells earthlings about all this?

This is what a famous American director told reporters,
producer and screenwriter:

I’ll say right away, ahead of your question, that I myself have never
I saw a UFO, I didn’t encounter aliens and I never even
got into fantastic situations that certainly happen
on our Earth and in which many people participate. It is with them that I and
talked, which gave me material for my scripts and films.
By the way, my last conversation of this kind was just
a few months ago with a resident of mexico who saw twice
UFO. And not like that from afar, when it is not clear what it is, but
almost as we see a plane flying low over us.

Chris Carter actually studied everything related to UFOs and
alien, various paranormal phenomena, because, on the one
parties, always believed in all this, but on the other – such material was
just needed for his work.

I applied to the Pentagon on this issue, just a few years
backwards Even then, I realized that his staff know much more than
they say During that visit, I met with a member of the group,
studying UFOs and aliens in order to provide space
NASA safety work, and this man told me then
a lot of interesting, in private conversation, of course. It is from him that I and
found out about a secret project about which the Pentagon today told already
the general public. I believe that the problem of aliens and UFOs
is that the public itself is afraid to admit:
all this is real, and not some kind of fiction and fantastic films,
like mine. Until UFOs and aliens become the same
natural objects of study, like, say, fireballs,
humanity will remain in the cradle, continuing to trample on

Chris also expressed satisfaction with what is happening now in
world in terms of declassifying information about UFOs and aliens. but
he warned that this process can be slow and even
painful because we do not even imagine that or rather
say who is behind all this. And even high fantasies of his
films can only be the forerunners of many more serious
interesting, surprising and at the same time dangerous for our planet

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