The Dalai Lama made another loud statement aboutOf Russia

Dalai Lama XIV, whom we know not only as spiritual
the leader of followers of Tibetan Buddhism, but also a soothsayer,
able to see the future of mankind, made another loud
заявление о Of Russia, подтвердив ее колоссальный потенциал, который
soon it will allow this nation to become the leader in the world. Wherein
the Russian people, he stressed, prepared a great mission for
transformation of the world community for the better.

And although in these words, as some users noticed
Интернета, нет ничего нового (о духовном лидерстве Of Russia говорили
already many oracles, for example, Nostradamus, Casey, Wang and so
further), others felt that the prophecy of the Dalai Lama was done
in time, because it is perceived by the Russian people not only as
admonition, parting words, but also as support in difficult times
today’s realities, when the liberal West tries to pour on
our country is all swill, blame it for all mortal sins.

On the other hand, such a statement by the Dalai Lama has generated a lot
ironic sayings, for example, one of the users of Runet
wondered if the Tibetan spiritual teacher would fall now
Ngagwang Lovzang Tenjing Gyamtsho in black Ukrainian list
�“Banned entry”, that is, the “Peacemaker” website, with a ban to appear in
Ukraine, which, of course, can upset the Dalai Lama indescribably?

Another user suggested that not only Ukrainians, but also
всё либеральное сообщество, причем, как Запада, так и самой Of Russia,
after such a statement, it may well be that Dalai Lama XIV “is considered an agent
Putin’s. ”

Wherein истинно русские люди поблагодарили Далай-ламу за эти
warm words, taking them as needed, as this one wanted
world spiritual leader.

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