The day of the exile of the toad in Australia as a resultunreasonable human intervention in nature

Man is the only representative of the animal world, who himself
He does not know what he is doing. Trying to adapt the environment for their
needs, he practically destroys nature. Or brings to it
this, from which then in horror clutches his head.

Probably each of us knows about the Australian rabbits,
which were brought to this continent in the middle of the XIX century with quite
a reasonable prospect – good fertility of animals, tasty
meat. Especially since they have already been brought before from Europe to America, and
there the rabbits fit perfectly into the ecosystem. But in Australia something
went wrong, and these prolific animals literally began to destroy
Australian flora and fauna, becoming an invasive species
animals. By the way, despite all the efforts, the problem with rabbits is
Australia has not been resolved so far.

But she is not the only one here. Rabbits, it turns out, nothing
taught the Australians. In the thirties of the last century to combat
sugar cane-eating beetles were brought to the continent
toad-aha. Since these amphibians in Australia did not have
natural enemies, they quickly multiplied (one reed
the toad lays in the summer up to 30 thousand eggs), and these eggs,
then the tadpoles hatched from them, like the adults themselves,
of which there are already at least 200 million, quite
poisonous. Recall that the Indians of South America traditionally wetted
in the venom of the toad-aha arrowheads.

Currently, these poisonous amphibians have become a real disaster.
for Australia, even worse than rabbits, as they gradually,
but very persistently destroy the continental fauna, ruining the apiary, killing
Australia’s rare endemics, for example, small marsupials, not to mention
already about other Australian living creatures. Yes, and people often
becomes a victim of this poisonous creature (more on this
see below the documentary “Toad – the murderer”).

Because people have never come up with effective methods against
toads-aha, they just annually arrange her expulsion day with
continent – Toad Day Out. On this day, almost all local
the population (a kind of Soviet subbotnik) goes to collect caviar
toad-yeah and catch the amphibians themselves. And recycle all
it must be done very carefully and carefully so that later
scavengers poisoned themselves with waste.

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