The dead boy attended the celebration of his day.of birth

Ralfi, a little boy, died at the age of 10 weeks from
virus infection, attended the event, dedicated to his day
of birth. At least, his parents, Nicole and

A week ago, the couple from the English city of Loughborough decided
отпраздновать второй день of birth своего покойного сына и
invited relatives to an open party near the house. There is one
of the guests made the picture below.

The celebrated British launched fireworks, and at this moment
a family friend managed to take a camera flash from a pyrotechnic
products. When the photographer looked after the resulting frame, he
I saw on it a bright silhouette in the form of a child. Nicole and Ricky, learning about
this, they immediately realized that it was the spirit of Ralphi who wished
join in the fun. Parents of the boy laid out
mysterious photo in the social network “Facebook”, where the image and its
touching story immediately interested thousands of regulars
The internet. Nicole, 28, tells:

I posted this picture in a group dedicated to ghosts and
to the angels, and many users agreed that in the photo
imprinted the spirit of my boy. This, by the way, is not the first time
he gave us a sign that he was still with us. We had an old
microwave counting time
stopped not at 0, but at 7 seconds. Ralfi was born on November 7th
therefore, we considered this a strange coincidence. Recently, however, we
bought a new microwave, and it began to behave the same way –
the timer stops each time at 7 seconds!

Ralfi died on January 16, 2016 at the Children’s Hospital of Nottingham.
Royal Medical Center. He died, but his spirit, judging by
everything, often visits their beloved parents. By the way
It is believed that such spirits often become family advocates in
whole and all of its members individually, to some extent fulfilling
the role of guardian angels.

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