The deceased pastor predicted the beginning of the Apocalypse in2021 and the Second Coming of Christ – in 2028

California pastor and Bible researcher Kenton Beshor,
Deceased in 2016, it turns out, left behind one
A very interesting legacy for Christians. Before dying a preacher
he managed, in his own opinion, to determine when the end would occur
Sveta. Alas, if an American is right, then this will happen incredibly.
soon. Bechor was convinced that the Apocalypse would begin in 2021 and
will continue for several years. But that’s not all.

As the pastor concluded, the second will be the culmination of Armageddon.
the incident of Jesus Christ in 2028. If you believe the message
Beshor, who was president of the World Bible Society,
global catastrophe for 7 years will destroy all sinners on
Earth, after which the Savior will descend into our world and either take
righteous with themselves, or gives them a planet cleansed of evil.
The theologian believed that countless signs point to this today.
around us, including the increasing frequency of natural disasters.

However, the words of Kenton still need to be treated with a fair
share of skepticism. The pastor was a famous xenophobe who, not
shy, showed his hatred, for example, to Islam, and
also to our country. Bebor called the United States and Israel
�“Holy strongholds” called upon to fight Muslims and
Russia. Simple logic suggests that a person with similar
prejudice, hating any dissent, can hardly
be the bearer of divine truth.

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