The director investigates the mysterious disappearanceScottish priest

British filmmaker intends to uncover the mystery of extinction
priest Maurus Deegan 13 years ago. Priest great
part of life spent in the Catholic monastery “Plaskarden
Abbey “near the Scottish city of Elgin. He was
the last surviving member of the so-called “Plaskarden
pioneers “who reformed the monastery in 1948 and
which you can see in black and white photo above.

Father Maurus Deegan was known for committing daily
long walks in the fresh air: even after he
turned 90 years old. On May 12, 2005, a man poisoned himself at another
such an exercise did not return to the abbey. Despite being
a large-scale search operation, rescuers, police officers, and
also volunteers from among the monks and local residents did not find and
trace of the missing priest. The case remains unsolved to this day.

Some claimed that the man had run away from their monastery to live
recent years, the life of the average modern man.
For others, the Scot left the abbey to calmly
die somewhere alone. This, however, does not explain how
93-year-old man managed to quickly and, most importantly, to hide without a trace
with his already frail body. Some believe that Deegan was kidnapped
aliens, or he accidentally moved into a parallel world,
or simply ascended to heaven.

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