The director took a picture of a ghost, shooting a filmhorror

The 49-year-old Indian director Vikram Bhatt shared with his
fans of the amazing news. At the moment the filmmaker
снимает фильм horror «1921» в Соединенном Королевстве. The man
says that the shooting takes place in an old English mansion
�Wentworth Woodhouse near Rotherham. Luxurious manor,
built in 1725, it is considered one of the most populated
ghost locations of the UK.

And, according to Vikram, one of these phantoms is totally to him
accidentally managed to take a picture. Indian claims that on
The image below captures the translucent spirit of an elderly
men standing on the track near the mansion. If you look closely
more attentively, you can see that he is wearing a hat, a dark coat
and a white shirt. The ghost as if stretched out his right hand and rests against it
into the wall structures. Bhatt wrote on his website:

We caught the real ghost on camera! This is by no means
a gimmick to promote our new movie! Believe me
was struck no less than yours. The ghost appeared near the mansion
�”Wentworth Woodhouse”, which researchers say
paranormal phenomena, teeming with spirits. The house once belonged
a wealthy miner whose spirit is according to urban
legends still dwells here. None of us have seen a ghost
but the camera clearly fixed it. It turns out, not for nothing that we are here.
have arrived.

Vikram Bhatt reports, in no place in Foggy Albion
there are so many people from the world like here. Noteworthy
that the now famous British ghostbusters team is “Most
Haunted “for the first time took a phantom in the Wentworth Woodhouse in the South
Yorkshire. However, the big question remains: is the director really?
photographed a ghost, or is it still a marketing ploy with the goal
привлечь внимание к предстоящему фильму horror?..

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