The disappeared psychic “asks” loved ones to find herbody

A group of TV reporters began investigating the disappearance
American clairvoyant in colorado after close
Missing women began to receive mysterious “messages” from her. These
American relatives and friends are convinced that the spirit visits them with
того света и требует найти body, спрятанное, судя по всему, где-то
in a cold and dark place far from human eyes. Journalists
Were so impressed with this story that they believed in her
truthfulness without reservation.

Crystal Ann Reising, 29, from Phoenix, state
Arizona, disappeared July 13, 2016, immediately after it moved
in the tiny town of Creston, which is considered a real “Mecca” for
people who are addicted to mysticism and supernatural phenomena.
The American woman left with her disappearance a little daughter that
confused law enforcement and friends
medium. Close psychic convinced that she would never quit
your child.

For any information on the whereabouts of Crystal, it is offered
a reward of 20 thousand dollars, however it is still
remains unclaimed. The woman seemed to evaporate from the face of the earth,
and the police cannot find a single insignificant clue. Of course
the guardians of the law refuse to believe in the paranormal and suggest
that Reisinger was the victim of abduction and possibly murder.
However, no evidence of this has yet been found.

Alas, Kristle’s family and friends are also inclined today to believe
that the clairvoyant is no longer in this world. However, they are convinced
as if her spirit was still there, and the late American woman demanded that
body нашли и подобающим образом похоронили. So, Amy Irwin, the best
подруга пропавшей, уверяет, что body Рейзингер находится в одной из
abandoned mines near Creston, and she told her about it
the deceased. In addition, the 5-year-old daughter of the missing Kasha also
constantly mentally talking to the missing mother.

Amy and Kasha repeatedly saw the vague silhouette of Crystal, slowly
who opened his mouth and whispered: “Under the ground, in the dark …” Immediately after
this phantom always dissolved in the air. In the end
Irwin turned to Fox31, whose program “Problem
Solvers “is devoted to the disclosure of various riddles and problem solving, with
which can not cope with ordinary people. Armed
electronics and sniffer dogs, TV reporters began searching.

Experts have found 62 entrances to the labyrinth of the local mines.
Some tunnels were examined by people or dogs, others had to
launch a radio-controlled typewriter with a camera. While the search is not given
any results, however, experts do not lose hope.
Abandoned adits are considered dangerous and should, by law,
closed with special metal doors. In spite of this,
dozens of entrances to the Creson mines were open to any
wanting thrills.

Something intriguing unexpectedly happened in the seventh day
expeditions. One of its members climbed a random rock and
took a picture there. To everyone’s surprise, on the resulting photo
a huge shadow appeared, resembling a winged figure with large
eyes. Looking at this frame, Amy Irwin immediately came to the conclusion
that this is a sign from above, and in front of us is the image of an angel. Maybe,
именно неподалеку от этой скалы спрятано body несчастной Кристл

The search for the body of a psychic continues, and the search team
hopes that Crystal Ann Reising’s spirit will help them in this …

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