The doll spontaneously moves on the mysteriousvideo

On случайном ролике одного из videoблогеров неожиданно заметили
supposed supernatural phenomenon. Young man,
known under the pseudonym Spunkflunk, told that he
you must collect at least one thousand subscribers to confirm
your channel on YouTube. It would seem that such videos on
описываемом videoхостинге можно найти бесконечное множество, однако
It was these frames that suddenly caught the attention of web users.

One commentator noted that the doll was sitting on the bed.
Behind YouTube, suddenly began to move spontaneously. On
the frames below are clearly noticeable as it lifts
right hand Some regulars on the World Wide Web believe that
the toy came to life on its own. According to others, she moved in.
ghostly or demonic essence. If you believe the third, speech
talking about a hoax, and the doll was set in motion by some
invisible thread, say, fishing line.

Когда автор канала узнал об этой странной детали на своем video,
it was very puzzled. According to the young man, a strange doll
gave him not so long ago one friend. Onш герой несколько
I was surprised at the present, so unusual for a man, but still
accepted it and placed it in his bedroom. Alas, a friend of Spunkflunk
after that, supposedly somewhere, I lost my way, and the yutuber has not yet managed
find out from her whether this mysterious thing showed
abnormal properties before.

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