The driver faced a mysterious radiance onnight road

22-year-old Andrew Hearn from Maryland USA claims to be on
last week witnessed an amazing phenomenon allegedly
supernatural nature. According to the man, he was driving deep
at night along a country road and suddenly saw ahead the mysterious
bright glow that quickly approached the car of our hero and
sailed right next to her. An unusual phenomenon hit the camera
DVR American.

Skeptics on the World Wide Web, as you might guess,
They say that it’s about the headlights of a car that drove on
oncoming lane and swept near the car Andrew. However,
Hearn is convinced that this is impossible. Turning on the one below
video, you can see for yourself that the mysterious glow floated above
expensive in and of itself, and no transport was observed
means. What could it be in that case?

Returning home that night, our hero sent the received record
to phantom hunters. What happened is so interested
man, that he began his own modest investigation.
The American suggests that it may be a ghostly light, in
while many web users are talking about aliens,
ball lightning and energy entities from parallel
measurements. Someone does believe that the light had a divine

Anyway, Andrew, intrigued by the incident, rummaged in
city ​​archives and found some curious information.
It turns out that in April 1963, not far from this stretch of road
there was a strange occurrence. Dick Sartain
returned early in the morning from the market and suddenly heard something like
vibrating explosion, after which the air strongly smells like sulfur.
The farmer was very surprised and looked around, but did not find
nothing unusual. How is this related to the current incident so far
unknown, but the persistent American continues his
research – this is how a man gets this mysterious

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