The driver helped the pensioner to overcome pedestriantransition – he just transferred it on himself

In China, a multimillion audience in the social networks of the Internet,
as well as TV viewers of individual TV channels of the PRC scored a video,
which demonstrates the amazing act of the bus driver.

Guangzhou City Guangdong Shuttle Bus
really had to stop before the crosswalk
busy highway, because it passed the pensioner. And
the elderly woman moved so slowly that it created
a certain traffic jam.

And if all vehicle drivers knowingly expected
the end of this slow process, the bus driver went out
out of the car and just … moved the old woman to yourself, thereby causing
admiration from many many Chinese who then
enjoyed watching this video.

The driver’s admiration, I suppose, was primarily caused by
the operator who first (maybe accidentally) took it out of
bus, and then, of course, added to this and video
directly amazing moment like a man on his back
transports an elderly Chinese woman across the road. However, perhaps the main
part was filmed, as they say in the comments, outdoor camera
observations, and therefore the cameraman or journalist later
�”Gathered together.”

And I must say, not in vain: such moments of our fleeting and
vain life must necessarily capture and show millions
people, thereby awakening humanity in them. And then we have more
demonstrate on television and the Internet violence and all kinds of
catastrophe. It’s a pity…

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