The driver took a ghost on the DVR ortourist?

On a deserted road in Buzau, Romania, late at night
the driver collided with a ghost. Suddenly appearing as if
�”Nowhere” the ghost of a white woman in a white cape literally shook

I can not say that I have never met at night
there are no “surprises” on the roads, anything happened, but those situations were
clearly realistic, but here … White silhouette is either the “ghost of the bride”
whether the famous “woman in white” suddenly appeared on the night
road, and then began to move to the sidelines. No ghost
reacted to my car he didn’t even look back as he would have done
a normal person, fearing that a car might accidentally knock him down.
Although at first I was even scared, why I added gas,
in consequence, it occurred to me that it was someone’s
joke. Many times I reviewed received on the DVR
video, and I was always embarrassed by the leg that appeared from under the cape – she
somehow got knocked out of our usual presentation as it should
look like a real “ghost”. Therefore, I leave it to users
Internet to decide for yourself: what is it? ..

Users actually perceive this in different ways.
�”Mystical plot.” Some believe that this is still a ghost, because
that he behaves too implausibly for a person: not afraid
cars, “walking” in a deserted place in the middle of the night, finally
the shown foot from under the cloak still does not say anything, it is not in
modern sneakers are dressed and naked …

But skeptics explained the appearance of the “ghost” is quite
on the ground: it’s just a tourist who threw a sheet and jumped out
from the tent of need, of course, barefoot and, of course, half asleep
without flying under the wheels of the car …

That’s just not clear why the tourist had to run
the road at night if he and his tent are in such a deserted
place? After all, the pitch darkness necessary for the administration of need
this time around and everywhere …

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