The drone hit the “flying saucer” and it’s greatshot it on camcorder

It allegedly happened in Iceland when using a drone
researcher examined the waterfall. At some point, the drone caught in
The lens of its camera is a classic “flying saucer” hovering over
surface of the earth and slightly rotating around its axis.

A video about this extraordinary event, which appeared on
YouTube’s video hosting service has already attracted tens of thousands
users of this channel. Ufologists agreed that the video
captured “flying saucer”, and such devices aliens
well identified and studied. Another thing is that the record
so good that it is doubtful of its authenticity.

Skeptics, as a matter of fact, unanimously claim that this is a fake. WITH
Even the most enthusiastic ufologists agree with them, since
expanses of the Internet in recent times began to appear more and
more similar materials about UFOs. Contributed to
video editors that are becoming more sophisticated, lightweight
and accessible to almost everyone who has the desire to work with
video editing.

WITH другой стороны, отмечают некоторые пользователи Всемирной
patina who watched this video, we constantly complain that we have a UFO
removed in ugly quality, as if on purpose, as if still in
last century. And when really high-quality shots appear,
immediately exclaim – this can not be!

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