The editor of the Lancet publisher claims thatmost scientific findings are false

The editor of the publishing house “Lancet” Richard Horton recently spoke with
sensational statement: more than half of scientific research, in
ultimately end with deceitful conclusions, or, more simply,
these studies are a lie in themselves.

It may seem at first glance, he says, that this is not
nothing terrible, just scientists, they say, in a constant search and not all
they do it smoothly. However, it is not as harmless as
It seems the average man in the street. The point is, the editor says,
that the data obtained in the course of these “scientific” studies,
are used, say, to create drugs and vaccines, from them
repel in higher education in preparing young
professionals and so on.

It is remarkable, the publisher continues, that many are so deceitful.
research sponsored by Big Pharma, that is, fifty
the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world who spend on these
to put it mildly, “scientific” work of up to half a billion dollars a year.
Moreover, orders by pharmaceutical companies are necessary (profitable) to them.
research – the most common practice in finding new
drugs, while schools become their kind
paid agents.

And this huge money invested in “scientific” research, with
easily paid off by the health of people who blindly believed in our
Pharmaceuticals and medicine, but practically just hooked on the “needle”
chemical drugs that do them more harm than good.

Horton’s Conclusion is supported and edited by New England Medical
Journal Marcia Angell, which, according to a specialist, for
twenty years of work in a journal made sure hundreds of times that
trusting reputable pharmacists and doctors can not be.
Unverified, taken practically from the ceiling, facts, distorted
information is published even in the most reputable medical
publications, therefore, “peer-reviewed” research should be treated
with a serious skepticism.

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