The end of August was rich in video information aboutUFO

Some associate it with the solar eclipse of August 21,
which is most fully watched by the Americans. Others recall
of the mysterious planet Nibiru approaching Earth, which we have recently
once again the conspirologist David Mead frightened. Still others remember
tensions in the Far East, where war is about to break out
between the United States and North Korea – with the use of nuclear weapons.
Of course, all this could provoke the activity of newcomers,
which, apparently, is not indifferent to the fate of our planet.

Военные базы в этом случае — под особым контролем UFO

It is no coincidence that the aliens “inspect” the US military.
As you know, they have repeatedly prevented a nuclear conflict on
our planet, God forbid, will not allow this time. But also local
conflicts, just the military bases of Americans have always been interested
пришельцев, отчего близ этих объектов нередко замечают UFO.
Watch the new video about it.

UFO над Португалией

Another interesting video presented by the channel
SuspectSky on Youtube video hosting. In the night sky of Portugal
suddenly there is an amazing object glowing multicolored
by the lights. There are no comments and detailed descriptions for this video.
however, it’s worth even admiring an unidentified object in the sky.
simply because it is fascinatingly beautiful. And as always
it is not clear who and why flies at such a late time, what he is looking for,
to whom perhaps he promises fantasy meetings or even serious

UFO ослепляет своими огнями жителей Омска

Over the Russian city of Omsk, aliens circled at night too,
moreover, residents of the city, in particular the Leninsky district, with
gladly looked at these bright flashes. True myself
оператор, снявший UFO и придоставивший ролик об этом пользователям
Internet obviously decided to demonstrate the video variant of the picture
Malevich “Black Square” – the video you need to look at good
monitor and in full size, otherwise you will not see anything (though
the last shots are really surprising).

Ufologists emphasize: but the video is clearly not fake, but
flying over the Siberian city of such mysterious devices
alien – a commonplace phenomenon. Perhaps this is due to a special
energy field of the region, which attracts

Take off the alien ship captures the camera of the ISS

Заметим, что камеры Международной космической станции ловят UFO
periodically. This time, the spacecraft was clearly in the lens.
aliens leaving our Earth. At least that’s what they think

The ship in the form of an oblong flash sweeps so much
that you can only see it on video at slow motion
show that specialists who constantly monitor and dismantle us
recording live broadcast from the cameras of the MKS. By the way, thanks to such
instant NASA employee just did not have time to turn off the cameras themselves
– and here it is a small gift for ufologists!

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