The end of the world is predicted in 2018, but ratherall, and this forecast will disappoint our expectations

First, let’s get to know who and why called 2018 –
the last in the history of mankind.

Proponents of the approaching Apocalypse are called two, from their point
view, irrefutable prophecies about this:

  • the first belonged to the Greek scientist Georgis Gyalvas,
    which is still in the eighties of the last century, working then in
    NASA, just shortly before his death, told in an interview
    to journalists that from 2018 on Earth a new era will come, the beginning
    which the bulk of the people will be perceived as the Apocalypse.
    Followers of the greek nuclear physicist in his unshakable
    the belief that everything will happen is based on other predictions.
    Georgis Gyalvasa, who allegedly turned out to be amazing
  • the second sounded in the forties of the last century from the mouth of a certain
    elder Michael, who told parishioners that the end of the world
    will come in two years, as soon as Easter falls on May 1 and immediately
    behind this will take place the Christian Ecumenical Council, to which
    even the catholic cardinals will come. Easter May 1 was in 2016,
    and a little later in the summer, the Eighth Ecumenical Council passed, at which
    indeed attended by close to the Pope higher
    dignitaries of the Catholic Church.

No one knows why to believe in these prophecies, however
for what reason they are very relevant today, it is clear: in the yard
just 2018 year. But will we wait for the end of the world this time?
It is doubtful.

The question of why the prophecies about the Apocalypse do not come true,
despite the fact that sometimes such foresight is given very
a strong mage, the famous oracle, was once set to Sergei
Nikolayevich Lazarev, a famous Russian parapsychologist and
psychic, the author of an amazing series of books “Diagnosis of Karma.”
Having by nature a gift to trace the field structures of people and even
of all mankind, Lazarev told about the following
(collected from several of his answers to this question):

The point here is not even that the future is multivariate,
although in general it just becomes a stumbling block
for many clairvoyants. But some of them, however, penetrate
�“More deeply” into field structures and “give birth” to more accurate
forecasts, and others, as they say, are only suitable for television shows
�”The fight of extrasensories”. It is clear that the prophets who
able to see the end of the world, no, not for nothing that the Bible said that
only the Father himself knows this. I fully admit that such a higher
the oracle may still appear on Earth, however it will never
will declare this and even call the exact date of the Apocalypse.
This is all one thing to say to a man when he dies. On such even
gypsy women do not all go, but here we are talking about the great prophet and humanity in
whole Therefore, we can sleep peacefully: all the prophecies of the end
the light is nothing more than the “games” of higher powers with our
consciousness …

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