The English Museum has kept fragments for 60 years.�”Flying saucer”

It turns out that the possible evidence of the existence of
Alien “flying saucers” for nearly 60 years are stored in
famous british museum. This amazing story began in
November 1957, when in the English region of Silfoh-Moor County
North Yorkshire found the mysterious discoid apparatus of small
sizes. Three local residents noticed in the evening, as the marsh fell from
of the sky is some brightly luminous object, and decided to remove its fragments from

This happened just a month after the Soviet Union
launched the first ever artificial satellite of the earth, therefore
At first, the British seriously considered that the famous
�Sputnik-1. However, it turned out that it was
no ball with four antennas, but a strange disk with a diameter
about 43 centimeters and weighing about 14 kilograms. Now from
�”Flying Saucer” there are only a few small metal
pieces. They are hidden from the public’s eyes because they are kept in
Storeroom of the London Science Museum on Exhibition Road. Throughout
Apparently, the management of the institution does not want to put them in
as a complete exhibit, but in vain. According to ufologists, this
the most genuine concealment of historical truth from
the public.

The artifact, which later received the name “Plate of Silfo”,
made a lot of noise in 1957, chained close attention
scientists, journalists and ordinary people. Disc from the sky
was carefully examined and it was concluded that the subject
made of not known official metal science. In addition, on
its surfaces revealed mysterious and very complex
hieroglyphs that have nothing to do with any known language in
Earth Someone even says that ufologists, with the support of
experts in the field of cryptography, were able to decipher these
letters. In them, they say, a certain alien named Ullo
warned mankind of the danger of nuclear weapons capable
one day destroy all life on our “blue
ball “. However, all these are just rumors that have not been
confirmed …

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