The English village rises annually by twocentimeter and nobody knows why

English village Willand (Willand) in Devon every year
rises two centimeters and no living soul can
explain why this is happening.

A village where less than six thousand people live, as if
gradually bursting out of the ground. For the first time this phenomenon was
Seen in 2015 by the University of Nottingham,
carried out geodetic works here. Discovering such a strange
anomalies, surprised scientists turned to satellite data and
saw that the village is really slowly rising above
nearby territories (here is such a mystery of nature). At least
least this happens in recent years.

At first, puzzled researchers assumed that under the ground
there are natural “pockets” with gas, but this hypothesis does not
confirmed. Scientists fear that in the long run
The movement of the village will lead to the rupture of local sewage,
plumbing, gas and other engineering networks
security. In addition, the speeding line passing through here will suffer.

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