The Englishman clearly photographed the “flyinga plate

English tourist who recently visited the village of Burley in the county
Hampshire made a mysterious picture there showing
unidentified saucer-shaped flying object. According to an eyewitness
металлический НЛО, похожий на классическую «летающую a plate,
rapidly swept low over the trees, but our hero
managed to clearly capture it on the camera of the smartphone. Stricken
with his find the man hurried to put an amazing frame in
The Internet.

British ufologist and blogger Ben Curtis commented on this
The material is as follows:

Yes, this is a real “flying saucer”, I have no
doubt it. As we can see, the contours of an unidentified object
blurred, however it only means that he moved during
shooting at high speed. In addition, some “green
“men” are often surrounded by an invisible protective field that creates
a similar blur in the photo. But, ironically, this is one of
the most clear and high quality pictures of UFOs that I have ever
saw. Not any point or monochrome ball in the sky, but
real aircraft, leaving no doubt that before
we are really something from another planet.

World Wide Web users agreed with the British
ufologist that the picture turned out really great, very
impressive, and in its significance it can compete with
many videos that almost nothing can be viewed

However, some users do not agree with Curtis, that this
certainly an alien flying saucer. It seems, they write, in our
the world most often breaks through “observers” or even “tourists” from
parallel worlds either from the future. Of course, for us they too
aliens, and yet these “observers” are also likely to
earthlings, why they do not come into contact with us: probably,
there is a certain prohibition …

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