The event that occurred on the night of Ivan Kupala

This story, which occurred a few years ago, was told by an avid
a fisherman named Egor Epifantsev from the Nizhny Novgorod region. Once he
I went fishing in the company of my friend Constantine. Men
fished from a boat and by the evening got many “trophies”.
They decided to spend the night in a small abandoned village, in a house where
there were a stove and some kind of polate.

Over the lake hung a full moon, and friends on the shore noticed
someone’s burning fire. Going to the fire, they saw a man
the same fisherman as yourself.

– And why didn’t you reach the village? – asked Egor

– I do not like, men, to stop in the deserted villages and
abandoned houses, the fisherman replied gloomily. – And in the local once
generally faced with a witch.

Epifantsev and his friend after the story of the stranger did not return to
the village and sat out all night around the fire of his random

And two weeks later, they again gathered in the old fish place,
but at the last moment Kostya prevented something. Yegor, his plans
decided not to change.

In the evening he took a bus to the lake and was going to spend the night on
shore, as last time. The fisherman made a fire and, having dinner
sandwiches lay down on a padded jacket. Soon Yegor
dozed off.

And it was on the night of Ivan Kupala

… Through the slumber, he heard someone wandering nearby. Epifantsev
opened his eyes: a young girl stood before him.

– Ugh, you scared, girl! – breathed out Yegor. – What are you here?
do at night?

“I can’t sleep,” she answered. – My husband left, I’m going to bathe
walked Are you drinking tea, little fish?

Egor found a thermos, poured tea for the girl. Unexpectedly she

– And let’s go to me! And do not be afraid you will not pester, because I
married woman! ..

Egor did not want to get up and go anywhere in the dark, but
as if something unknown pushed him forward.

They had to go a short time, very soon the girl led Yegor to
big log house on the outskirts of the village.

Inside the hut was a real Russian stove, standing in the middle of the room
table, and on it – boiled potatoes, pickled and pickled cucumbers
mushrooms, okroshka, green onions! .. The young mistress invited the guest for
table, took out a bottle of vodka.

– What about my husband? – Yegor grinned.

She laughed merrily.

– Husband is not a tug! Nothing will move!

“Oh, you,” Egor also became fun. – Well, what’s your name?

– Agrippina call.

And suddenly, frowning, she asked the man:

– Do you wear a cross?

“I am an atheist,” he answered. – I do not believe any priests.

“That’s right and right,” Agrippina was delighted. – Come on
have a drink for the meeting.

About half an hour later a company of two guys fell into the hut
and two girls. The guys were called Bogdan and Lesha, and the girls – Kiska and
Muryskoy (so, in any case, they called themselves Egor). With their
parish began boom. The youth danced and sang, vodka flowed
river …

Then the guys suggested that Egor walk along the lake. Pussy with
Muryskaya wanted to get in touch with them, but Agrippina looked like that
for the whole four, that the youth instantly fell asleep and remained in the house.
Merry booze continued. Finally, Yegor completely defaced, and he
fell asleep in deep sleep.

In the morning after night on Ivan Kupala

The man woke up from the fact that the sun was shining in his eyes: this
through the big hole in the roof the sun rays penetrated. Sang loudly
birds chattering grasshoppers. It was noon time. Yegor was lying in
abandoned house tilted …

For some reason his mouth was clogged with earth, and his clothes turned out to be so
dirty, as if on the eve of Yegor fairly exported in a puddle. Around
there were fish ranges and empty vodka bottles.

Решив, что вчерашняя компания его разыграла, Epifantsev решил
find pranksters. Having met a random mushroom picker, he asked where
here you can find a young woman Agrippina. That scared
He crossed himself and said that Agrippina lived for several decades
back, was reputed to be a witch and died young.

– Look here, what is left of her hut, – the peasant nodded at
crooked black log house. – Did you meet her in any way? They say love
she over the visitors to enjoy. I would go from here as soon as possible
says away from sin …

Egor rushed to the lake, fear urged him on and chilled his soul.
At the water lay fishing rods left on the eve. Man grabbed his
quilted jacket and began to look around in search of cages. Suddenly in the bushes rang out
splash. Glancing there, Egor saw a cage filled to the top
selected fish.

… He didn’t tell anyone about what happened in the village
lakes Well, who would believe that Egor drank vodka with a long dead at night?
a witch? And then he learned that in those parts Kiska and Murysky
called mermaids – these are derived from the words “beautiful” and “deat”.
Well, Lesha and Bogdan are, respectively, Leshy and Bodun (field

And this incredible story happened because on the night of Ivan Kupala
– the most magical time, when evil forces in a multitude roam
on the ground, and a mere mortal is better to stay away from her …

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