The evil witch hit the video in Colombia

According to the inhabitants of the Colombian capital, Bogota, they succeeded
capture on video the real witch. Men claim that
evil witch tends to appear at night on the roads
District 86, scaring drivers and triggering fatal accidents. Besides
Moreover, it allegedly arises from fogs and darkness, each time plunging
the townspeople are terrified. You can escape from the evil sorceress,
showing her a crucifix and sprinkling it with holy water.

Turning on the video below, you can see a man
who quietly walks along the shore of the lake. Behind him
passes mysterious tall silhouette, as if dressed in a hundred
clothes The figure has disproportionately small and thin legs, and indeed
in general, it is more like not a person, but like a faceless entity
Kaonashi from the popular Japanese cartoon “Gone
ghosts. Captured on video, the Colombian says he did not see
at that moment no one near you. It turns out, the witch was fixed
only on camera? The author of the recording, whose name is George Mogolla,
tells reporters:

A terrible woman in a black hat materializes in the middle.
night roads and spreads his hands so that the drivers abruptly folded and
broke up. To make her disappear, you need to show her
cross or splash on it with holy water. In places where it appears
witch find rag dolls, talismans woven from branches and
other sinister things. In our community, no one is taken
confront the sorceress because the more you draw on her
attention, the more it becomes attached to you and therefore is capable
hurt you more. We scared the hell out, but we have to
ignore the witch.

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