�”The eye of the Lord” captured over the eveningBy china

Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region residents in the north
People’s Republic of China has recently witnessed enough
unusual phenomenon. In the evening sky suddenly appeared “eye
Lord ”, as he was called by numerous eyewitnesses.

However, this is a full moon surrounded by a mysterious halo or
by cloud. Such a picture created the impression that shines above the Earth.
huge human eye. Devout Chinese thought it was in
really a miracle of religious persuasion, a heavenly sign that
can foretell anything – both good and bad. Other
the witnesses of the enchanting spectacle were probably just overjoyed
opportunities to capture something unusual, albeit naturally
natural, on a photo and video.

It is worth noting that China is relatively closed
country, and from here comes very little information about the local
unusual phenomena. For example, the above Inner Mongolia
According to locals, has long been famous for its various paranormal and
even frank mysticism. Alas, the country’s government significantly
restricts citizens to the right to use the Internet, and only
few materials of this kind seep into the World
spider web It remains to hope that someday in the future residents
China will get more freedoms and will be able to please us much more
an impressive amount of “abnormal” materials – both images,
and video (and certainly with a detailed description of the mysterious

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