The face of Pharaoh on Mars struck virtualarchaeologists

Virtual archaeologists from the popular community “Martian
Archeology “were amazed when discovered on the surface of the Red
the planets head pharaoh in nemes. This find is really
It is shocking because it immediately causes several

Where did hundreds of millions of kilometers from Earth come from
image of the ancient Egyptian king? Are the inhabitants of Ta-kemet
visited Mars and erected there this giant sculpture of the pharaoh,
from which there is only one head left now? Or is it the Martians once
turned out to be in ancient Egypt, having built there similar sculptural and
architectural masterpieces?

Amazing images were taken not long ago on
the surface of the distant celestial body of the famous Martian scientific
laboratory “Curiosity”, which currently travels
Red planet, taking lots of pictures there and sending them to scientists
US National Space Agency.

Skeptics, of course, argue that this is just
paradolic illusion. Pareidolia is that our brain
deceive eyes, forcing them to see familiar forms and images in
random textures and objects like stones with clouds. Persons –
the most common thing we notice in this way. AT
In 1976, a similar sensation thundered to the whole world, when
американский космический аппарат «ATикинг-1» обнаружил на Красной
the planet is the so-called Face of Mars. Unfortunately, later
it turned out that no stone sculpture in the form of human
heads were not there, but for the mysterious face experts took
ordinary weathered hill not showing from other angles
nothing unusual.

On Mars, you can find and not so …

Однако это не охладило пыл виртуальных archaeologists, которые
continue to find on Mars more and more evidence that
that on this planet was once a highly developed civilization.
Ufologists, in turn, with the same regularity are on Mars
traces of aliens. And those and other independent researchers
sure NASA has irrefutable proof of presence
reason on the red planet, however for some reason all this
hiding from the general public.

There is also a bolder conspiracy theory, according to which
Americans, with the help of the reptiloids they serve, have long been
mastering Mars, and on the Internet the recognition was already slipping
in this the participants of the Martian missions, however believe in so
a blatant deception (and why, in this case, all these space probes and
rovers on the red planet?) do not want even the most courageous ufologists and
online archaeologists …

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