The fall of meteorites and the invasion of the polar owlsforeshadows the US something unkind

The United States of America continues to fever after supposedly
Missile strike missile alarm in Hawaii. First, immediately
behind this, for some reason, the military aviation of the country became more active,
having lifted into the air hundreds of aircraft that, apparently, have become
combing the coast of the Atlantic in search of either the mythical
submarines from which missiles were launched, or from some
another goal: this can be done only by guessing.

At the same time, something strange is happening in general in the sky over the United States,
since at first the Americans frightened a strange meteorite that
fell in michigan on january 17 (see video).

It was strange for several reasons:

  • for the fall of his like “watching” beating from the earth of light
  • Immediately from the nearest military bases in the air a lot of
    F-16 fighters: not a very characteristic reaction to the fall
    ordinary cosmic body;
  • before the fall of a meteorite about some mysterious event of this
    days warned hackers A Anon;
  • the meteorite was not the only, as it turned out, the detector, located in the capital of the District of Columbia,
    recorded the crazy activity of meteorites, all of which
    fell in the North Atlantic with the same radar wake that
    contrary to all logic.

Bright meteors continue to fall over the US until now, and
now they are seen by residents of Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Chicago,
Toledo. People are simply amazed by the brightness of falling bodies, which
everything else is also blinking in greenish-blue hues.

Neither NASA, nor meteorologists, let alone the military
comment on all these strange events, as if in America there is not
newspapers, no television. And only on the Internet Internet conspiracy therapists
put forward their theories of what happened:

  • perhaps a large asteroid is approaching Earth, forerunners
    which were today’s meteorites. With this NASA and the same ESA
    silent, so as not to cause panic among Americans;
  • it is also possible that in near-earth space goes
    space war and from there fall, most likely, downed military
    satellites. The version, of course, is fantastic, almost insane, however
    she explains well the mysterious sounds of thunder from heaven,
    recorded around the world, like the strange activity of the US military
    in the last week. That’s just not clear why the “mysterious”
    meteors fall only over the United States?

Polar Owl Invasion

However, the United States was not only struck by a strange meteor shower,
For some reason, caused a real panic among the military and government
structures, following this, the invasion of polar whites began
owls that live in the arctic tundra, avoiding even the smallest
contact with a person. Now they literally attack Detroit.
Ornithologists are just at a loss, for now just limiting
advice to beware of these predators who can easily attack
person But what brought them to the city?

While scientists speculate (there was a failure in the electromagnetic
the field of the planet on which the birds navigate, the invasion began
rodents followed by owls), “experienced” indicate that
This bird, according to national signs, is definitely not good, and
if it flies beyond the hordes of rodents, then it is generally carcasses
light, because such invasions happen only before the war,
terrible epidemic and other major disasters.

So the Americans have a lot to think about today, and first of all
queue, as they say conspiracy therapists, that the Deep
the state, as it was already September 11, 2001, again prepares
against his people a terrible adventure, a crime in order to have
reason to start the Third World War. How are these tireless and all
knowledgeable researchers associate such strange, but not very similar
events not clear, but the missile strike in Hawaii
explains a little (or at least orients) why all the strings
still reaching for the Illuminati …

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