The fall of the mysterious object in China

In China, the video that was captured became viral.
the fall of a mysterious space object, which ended in an explosion.
It happened in the province of Guangxi in the evening, which gave
what happened extra mystery.

And once rumors about the fall of a UFO, crashed aliens,
various guesses and versions were built, but everything turned out to be much more
prosaic. Soon the inhabitants of the area where it all happened were
informed: no aliens – just a part of it fell to the ground
the Changzheng-3B rocket, through which the People’s Republic of China launched two
navigation satellite.

True, even after it became known on the Internet that
the video captured the fall of just a booster rocket, popularity
roller did not diminish. First, waste rockets are wrong
often fall in front of thousands of viewers, and secondly, this “fool” in general
collapsed near the veins of the houses, so that the Chinese were even
somewhat shocked: what if the rocket fell directly on

Interesting, some users are interested
World Wide Web, and why not plan a fall
waste parts of a rocket into the ocean? Learned to calculate a little
whether not to centimeter how the module will sit down, say, on Mars, and
here – where does it fall, even if only on its heads
countrymen? ..

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