The family from Nizhnekamsk hassledpoltergeist pyromaniac

Ilfat and Alsina Musina are newlyweds living in
Nizhnekamsk with a baby. Family turned to domestic
to journalists after being tired of enduring harassment
side of aggressive supernatural power. Young spouses
claim that wherever they live (and they have to constantly
change the place of residence, renting an apartment), there are fires.
Nizhnekamsk people diligently adhere to all fire regulations.
security, but the fire appears as if from “out of nowhere.”

It looks like the most common Russian family, but the spouses are convinced
that they are haunted by evil rock. Ilfat and Alsina rent housing, and for
the last time they had to move three times. All the fault
spontaneous combustion in their rented apartments. Flashed once
so strong a fire that almost all things burned at the Tatarstan people.
After that, the Musines made repairs to the room, but they lived quietly
not for long, and the fire queuing forced them to look for a new home. Our
compatriots moved from the hostel to rented apartments, but
and there their lives were in danger. Of course, most husband
and wife are afraid for their little son.

�”Eternal fire victims”, as their neighbors called them, lost the same
way and car. The car was quietly standing in the yard, and
then just flashed and burned in minutes. Musin remove
already the fourth apartment, but their troubles are not retreated here. AT
new apartment newlyweds then sparkle outlet, but unexpectedly
the switch will smoke. You have to constantly be alert – they live
like a powder keg. With a periodicity of two to four days here
Something strange is happening, risking a new fire.
Wiring in the apartment was checked by electricians, but did not find any
faults. Spouses are forced to sleep at a time so as not to
take your eyes off the dwelling, because there could be a fire in it without
for any apparent reason.

AT чем причина полтергейста и как с ним бороться?

Почему этот зловещий poltergeist pyromaniac изводит Мусиных, они
not able to understand. Nizhnekamsk people are believers, constantly
attend a mosque, pray. Ilfat and Alsina suggest that
could curse, but where did they come from ill-wishers, they
also have no idea. ATпрочем, пути Господни,
are known to be inscrutable, and sometimes understand cause-and-effect
connection between any events is simply impossible.

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