The famous director talked about meetings with UFOs andhaunted

Guillermo del Toro – one of the most famous “terrible”
storytellers and directing visionaries of our time – made
unexpected statement. In his new interview a 53-year-old native
Mexico told reporters it’s not just so keen on horrors and
fiction. The fact is that the nominee for the Oscar and himself
repeatedly met in life with the supernatural. In particular,
Del Toro himself saw UFOs and ghosts.

Meeting ufo

The man says that he went in his youth with a friend
in the place Cerro del Cuatro near Guadalajara, and there
Pals appeared a real “flying saucer”.
Unidentified flying object with a lot of bright lights rapidly
crossed the sky and at a certain moment was right above our
heroes. According to the Mexican, he was scared and at the same time
disappointed in such a discovery, but the reason was that
the alleged alien ship turned out to be absolutely trivial and
non-inventively designed. The director says:

This is actually very sad. I would like to tell you
that the UFOs are completely different, amazing and unusual, and not like
they are portrayed in films and eyewitness accounts. However, unfortunately
they are exactly like this: uninteresting, similar to the most ordinary saucers with
multi-colored bulbs. Such a lousy design, can you imagine? But
yet the horror that we experienced from this picture was truly
huge and primitive. I have never been so scared in life. we
immediately jumped into the car and rushed away. This thing is some
time followed us and then disappeared.

Встречи с haunted

As for the ghosts, Guillermo says that he saw
heard and felt their presence several times. For example, in
childhood, he spent the night in the bedroom of the deceased uncle and suddenly heard
in the middle of the night, quiet sobbing of a deceased relative. They
lasted about 15 minutes and then suddenly on the bed curtain
human shadow appeared. This clearly was the uncle of our hero.
Although there was no one else in the room, the sinister shadow
distinctly loomed on the curtain covering the bed. U del
Toro has his own theory about what a ghost is:

I believe that the ghost is, in fact, a reflection
strong negative human emotions frozen in time.
The ghost seems alive to us, but there is no soul, no thoughts. What is it like
projection filmstrip or insect, frozen in amber. Echo
tragedy, for an unknown reason, captured in time and
forced to periodically repeat. The ghost lives in
a kind of loop and for centuries moving in a circle. In the paranormal
Many ghosts in the world scream, cry and get angry. They were bad at
life, they were wrongly treated, for example, betrayed, killed,
executed Therefore, we hope that my phantoms and yours will never
will not see how we do not see hundreds of billions of other dead, but otherwise
наша планета была бы просто перенаселена haunted.

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