The famous iPhone X played evil with the Chinesea joke, and twice

The latest smartphone model from Apple’s iPhone X is called
even a “look to the future”, because along with many unique
functions, she can now recognize the face of her master,
opening only to him to the full extent of its wide functionality.
However, it is this attractive feature, as reported
radio station Jiangsu, that is, Face ID, played a evil Chinese woman
a joke, twice already.

Resident of Nanjing recently acquired the coveted iPhone X
and for some time literally could not rejoice at his capabilities,
including unlocking the gadget on the face of the owner. However already
it soon became clear that the so-advertised Face ID feature
glitches, because, as she soon saw the girl, her colleague
Work also can easily unlock this iPhone X. By calling in
the support service and explaining the situation, the Chinese woman heard in response,
that this simply can not be.

Then both girls went to the Apple store, clearly
demonstrating the above problem there. The manager explained
Chinese woman that failure could occur due to problems in the camcorder,
after which the girl returned the money. Believing the specialist, Chinese
I bought a new iPhone X, but the problem with the Face ID function was repeated,
so the girl had to pass and the second American smartphone,
so advertised around the world, after which she turned
to journalists.

Radio station Jiangsu does not specify whether the disappointed
Nanjing resident to buy a third iPhone X or not, just from
Apple’s name reminds you that Face ID may crash,
if it is used by twins and close relatives. In this
case, the problem is simply not clear …

And only Europeans, after reading this information, everything is fine
got it. What do you think, what is it? ..

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