The famous statues of Easter Island canperish

Scientists predict that growth will begin in the coming decades
due to the melting of glaciers in the Arctic and Antarctic,
which would entail many disastrous consequences. In
Among them will be flooded the famous ancient statues of Moai Easter Island

By the year 2100, according to researchers, the ocean level will rise
approximately 2 meters. In connection with this endangered
there will be moai sculptures that currently stand almost at
the very edge of the water, i.e. the advancing water front will destroy in
first ceremonial platform (ahu) Tongariki with her 15
sculptures of various sizes. Also disappear from the face of the earth.
the famous white coral beach in the bay of Anaken, and therefore ahu
Akahanga, where fallen moai are currently lying.

That is why the inhabitants of the island of Rapanui are already thinking about
how to protect his sights, for example, they already
appealed to the Government of Chile with a request to allocate funds for
building a special wall that could save unique
statues of moai. However, scientists are not yet sure that this measure
will prove effective. Officials are also considering
transporting statues standing or lying close to the water, deep down

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