The famous witch predicts: in 10 yearsWestern Europe will change a lot

We less and less believe all sorts of clairvoyants and sorcerers,
since their prophecies, especially about the end of the world, do not come true.
However, some predictions seem so obvious that
even you are amazed: everybody knows it for a long time. For example, that
Western Europe is gradually dying and, most likely, in 10 years
just will not be in the understanding that we put into it

This is what the winner of the “Battle of the Psychics” says.
witch Natalia Banteeva, who with a grin notices:

Isn’t too much importance attached to the question today?
EU conservation? But the problem is not in the EU split, but
in general, in the dying of Europe as such. Ten years later
Western Europe, advanced and civilized, what we her
present now, just will not. The current “European
values ​​”with imposing the world, for example, not only equality
women, but also homosexuality, sink into oblivion. They will be replaced by
completely different mentality since Europeans by that time
will turn into states with Muslim traditions where women
must wear hijabs, and men, in order to have several wives (o
present debauchery with numerous mistresses and lovers
will have to be forgotten), will have to work from morning to evening.

Indeed, why modern European politicians talk about
anything but not that in five to ten years in
Western Europe, the majority of the population will be Muslims who,
will ultimately come to power and establish such orders
which we can observe today, let’s say, in Saudi

Europe is dying, says Natalya Banteeva, everything that happens in it
today is the real agony before death. All for a long time
predetermined by the Higher Forces, and therefore the attempts of today’s politicians
something to preserve seems not only meaningless, but also ridiculous:
you look at how it is done – it is created
the impression that the ruling elite of Western Europe has gone mad. BUT
this is agony …

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