The FBI has declassified material on aircivilization asuras?

As you know, almost all the secret materials, for rare
exception, have a statute of limitations, after which they become
public domain. At one time, according to the publication “Russian
Dialogue “, the secrecy bar was removed from one very interesting
FBI material that tells about alien civilization
Asuras, constantly present on our Earth.

However, it is believed that the Americans did not
declassified, and this information was accidentally leaked into
the press …

Asuras, due to their ethereality and naturally high
technologies that we don’t even dream of can easily overcome
any distances in the universe, including traveling in other

They periodically visit our Earth, and with the most peaceful
most likely from purely scientific knowledge and simple
curiosity. Externally, the asuras resemble earthlings, only significantly
taller. On their habitat and lifestyle, the FBI turned out to be too
there is little information, it only follows from the document that the asuras are
completely different dimension and even time than us.

On our planet with the help of their advanced technology asuras
can materialize, so people sometimes see them
fantastic aircraft and their own. Asuras can
�”Dissolve” in the air almost instantly, because it is easy
go to another dimension or another time. True, their ships
possess and energy rays that can affect any
enemy apparatus. The FBI does not specify where they got these “military
information “, obviously, the Americans were trying to attack ships
asuras However, the assumption that the asuras were using their
energy beams other aliens are also very similar
in truth …

And finally, in the mysterious document of the FBI there are references to
some technical “secrets” of asuras, for example, that they are
materialize through certain vibrations, and when moving to
a different dimension uses a sophisticated radar system, and so
Further. Nothing in general is concrete and that could
�“Useful” today to us, earthlings: we have not yet
mature enough.

The interesting thing is quite different: firstly, it is practically
semi-official recognition of aliens by the american
governments, secondly, it becomes clear why some
aliens can practically dissolve in the air. Rest
everyone makes his own conclusions by viewing the video below …

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