The fetus of the snowman found in the forest

Although the video below was taken back in
last year, in the Russian segment of the Internet information about it
did not appear, although it is very curious and unique material.
That is why we decided to talk about him even with some delay –
in this case, the freshness of the news plays almost no role.

A group of American travelers claimed then that
went hiking on Clintons Well territory in Arizona and
unexpectedly found in nature a real embryo of a snowman.
A tiny little body with a head covered with white down lay near
fallen tree on dry grass. Nearby were traces of blood, from which
eyewitnesses concluded that an unknown pregnant female Bigfoot
miscarriage happened.

Initially, the buddies planned to stay in the forest for the night,
however, having made such a discovery, they were afraid to set up tents there and
hurriedly went back. Americans claim to have taken
Yeti’s alleged fruit with itself, and soon they were contacted by similar
on government agents people who bought a corpse for an impressive
amount of.

Of course, many World Wide Web users believe that
we have a typical hoax and we’re talking about some kind of doll
or sculpture. However, there were quite a lot of Internet regulars,
who believed in the reality of the findings and the desire of the US government
take possession of it.

Since everything about the Yeti is always fanned by the mystical
a haze of mystery, the truth in this matter is as reasonable
Some researchers have suggested this issue, we still
can not found. Moreover, orthodox science does not recognize the snow
man, although it is removed here and there (a great video about it
look at the link), and in every way opposes the study of it up to
falsification and destruction of any data about it. Therefore quite
it is possible that Americans have another confirmation of reality
Bigfoot was bought just by scientists close to the powerful
structures, and therefore – silence …

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