The first ever panoramic video shot overNorth Korea

Hurry up to see the amazing panoramic video for the first time.
filmed in the sky over the classified state of the DPRK. Bye higher
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un threatens the West with nuclear
arms, his country cuts the air and removes it from the very
luxury angles foreign airplane.

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is rightfully considered
one of the most isolated states on the planet. World
journalists are not always able to access
news inside North Korea. And something to photograph or
to record on video without permission of the authorities here is prohibited under
fear of life imprisonment or even the death penalty.

Fortunately, the Singapore operator Aram Pan received such
permission from the leadership of the country and took a unique 360-degree
video, which captured the DPRK from a bird’s-eye view. Earlier
nobody has done this.

Aram Pan first appeared in North Korea in 2013.
Singaporean was fascinated by the simplicity of North Korean everyday life.
and did not see there any horrors that are constantly being broadcast to us
Western media.

To enjoy the recording below in its entirety,
set its high resolution and expand the movie to full screen.
Capture video with the mouse and rotate it in any direction.

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