The first lunodrom built in Russia

This is practically a real Moonbase, but so far located on
Earth, and more specifically: a purely Russian lunar base.

The unique lunodrome is designed to simulate the work of astronauts on
Selena’s surface with all the other “lunar parameters”, say,
unusual for humans attraction, rarefied atmosphere, poor
lighting and so on.

As reported by TASS, lunodrom appeared in the science city near Moscow
Korolev. This is a purely experimental test site, but there is no
lunar soil, but the relief of Selena – please, moreover –
space base and a magnificent moon rover. What else do you need for
working off future manned missions to the moon?

More specifically, the lunodrome is located on
the territory of the College of Space Engineering, which
submits to the University of Technology. So far only
metal models that will soon be equipped
all kinds of comic equipment – exactly the kind that
will allow to imitate the landing of astronauts on the surface of the moon.
College students can study on the basis of this lunodrome.
developing new robotics, inventing systems
life support on Selene, unique means of transportation and
much more.

The lunodrome project is focused on the Roscosmos program
the development of an artificial satellite of the Earth. Not by chance the head
corporation Dmitry Rogozin recently even said that in the coming
years Russia will send a manned satellite to the moon, thanks to which
there will be a huge step in space exploration, including
dispelled the doubts of many Russians (and not only Russians) that they beat
Do Americans on Selene …

By the way, with regard to the exploration of the moon, Rogozin stressed, the speech
It is about creating a long-term base on Earth’s satellite serving
robots. That is, it will be a visited, not a habitable station, where
Permanent “inhabitants” of the moon will be avatars. It avatars allow
scale to explore the mysterious satellite of the Earth, more responsibly and
purposefully, not like the American Apollo program, which
was more like a child’s play. By the way, such a lunar program
RF can be feasible together with the BRICS countries, but in
international project of the near-moon station Gateway Russia
most likely will not participate, especially on the sidelines …

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