The first Minister of Affairs appeared.artificial intelligence

The United Arab Emirates are again ahead of the planet, on this
having once appointed the first minister in the world history
artificial intelligence.

27-year-old Omar Olama took the lead in this position, becoming, in addition to
among other things, one of the youngest UAE officials. The task of this
man is preparing the middle eastern state to
AI revolution. The Emirates has every opportunity to do this, because
such a rich country is able to hire many talented
scientists specializing in this area.

Prime Minister Mohammed Ibn Rashid Al Maktoum repeatedly
He said that the United Arab Emirates should become
one of the foremost states in the field of research, development and
использования artificial intelligence. He noted that
for the foreseeable future, AI will certainly make many professions
unclaimed. For the UAE, where the indigenous population lives
almost paradise life, and visitors work in various jobs
professionals and artisans, this is, of course, quite
important because it will help reduce the influx into the country
guest workers.

The Emirates have for many years been successfully introducing artificial
intelligence. Robots are involved here in the areas of production,
social services, medicine, law enforcement, government
services and so on. At some point, the government of the country
reasonably considered that such ambitious plans should be realized
centrally. It was then that the position of minister for
issues of AI, as well as the office of his assistants.

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