The first space funeral – already in the nextmonth

Extraterrestrial literally, space burial will become
реальностью уже в следующем month нынешнего года стараниями
British company «Ascension Flights». Now, earthlings can
send the ashes of your cremated loved ones right to the “seventh
sky, where it will be dispelled by the high winds of the stratosphere.

The craftsmen of the company have already launched a trial to a height of 34 kilometers.
urns with pet remains. Experiments have shown that
this height dispelled from the urn the dust may even leave
Earth’s gravitational field and rush to infinity

Dr. Chris Rose, one of the authors of the project, says:

Many modern people eager to be
sometime outside the earth unfortunately never can
realize your dream. We just will not live to see the day when
space flights will be affordable for a person with average incomes.
However, thanks to our new service, you can fulfill the dream
their loved ones about space. It seems to us that this is the perfect departure for
a person worthy of life. In fact, we are all star
dust, and this is a great tribute to the memory of a man born in an era
покорения space.

Representatives of “Ascension Flights” report that raising the urn
will be recorded on video so that the relatives of the deceased have
the opportunity to contemplate the process of dispelling the dust later at home
on a computer or via TV any time they want
remember the dead dear to them man. It is noted that
the residual moisture in the dust instantly freezes at a height, and
the scattered remains, even for a while, gleam in the rays of the sun,
as if saying goodbye to all who are left on Earth …

Deliver urns in the stratosphere will be special balloons.
The minimum cost of the service is 795 pounds,
There are about 60 thousand Russian rubles at the current rate. First
dispatch, as mentioned above, will take place in November of this year.
The British say that many of their countrymen are already
interested in this futuristic service.

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